Carlo Lamargese, President and founder

After a short stint has one of the best institutionnal broker in Canada Carlo left on his own to concentrate on his passion: Trading.  20 years later, he has more than 30 traders working for him using a methodology he taught them.  His analytical, discipline and systematic approach to trading represent the core of the FCLTRADE program.

Richard Audet, MBA, FSCI, FICB, CMT

Richard is Managing Director of FCL Trade, a proprietary trading group in Montréal.  He previously was Treasurer of Société Générale ( the French Investment Bank) for Canada and President of its brokerage arm  He is a passionate teacher and has always been involve in educating and training people on investment and trading.

Claude Cyr, CFA

Claude has 30 years of experience and expertise in trading, trading technology, risk management, indexes, sales and clearing in financial derivatives, fixed income, equities and commodities.  In his most recent roles as Managing Director of the Natural Gas Exchange (NGX) and Senior Vice President, Financial Markets at the Montreal Exchange (MX) where he provided leadership in achieving annual double digit growth—Claude oversaw the Exchange's operations, which includes market monitoring, commercial development, engaging with Regulators, customer relationship management, products, pricing and marketing activities.  Prior to that, Claude was Executive Director at JPMorgan where he contributed in making them the dominant player in the Canadian Prime Brokerage business.  Claude has also served on the Board of the Canadian Derivatives Clearing Corporation. He has extensive experience educating people on financial products and trading matters.


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